#ParticleOogs – art challenge

17 Jun

USAArt challenge
June 18th – July 1st


What are #ParticleOogs?

Oogs are little cute monster figures that I love for a long time. The first Oog I discovered was a shy monster peeking from behind a tree and saying “Graaaw” at the end of every “Barrio 19” episode on MTV. It was part of an animated logo. Since I own the DVD of that street art & cultural series I’ve seen this first Oog a lot of times and invented the cute name “Oog” for this little monster.
And if you look around in your city, your everyday surroundings and on the internet you’ll find lots more. Those cute Oogs come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles but all are adorable.

The art challenge #ParticleOogs is a 14-day experience where I, Chrissy from streeture design, create 14 cute monsters which are then added officially to the world wide Oog family.
Join this experience and you’ll get to see one new Oog every day starting June 18th 2016.
Follow and share it with your friends as much as you like:

And send me feedback for the adorable monsters I draw.

At the end of this project phase (June 18th – July 1st), all Oogs will be added as spray paint particles on my latest design (more info soon). You’ll then be able to buy this artwork as a high quality printing to beautify your living room and add an eye catcher to your home.

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