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Chrissi’s Midweek Madness: Muscle Cars (US version)


Today is the mid of the week and every Wednesday I publish a column from “Chrissi’s Midweek Madness” on my blog. This is the first time this column gets an English version for my international audience. Please enjoy:

American muscle cars go together with my life like Pikachu with Ash Ketchum. Oh, a girl who’s interested in cars? Yes, dear boys, the love for awesome cars is not longer only yours. Whether a classic one like Ford Mustang, the legendary Chevrolet Camaro or a sportcoupé Dodge Challenger, I really fell for these pony cars with long hood, small tail. And one day at least one of them will be in my garage. Preferably in the United States, because LED Light Kits which are forbidden by law in Germany, and more tuning by West Coast Customs naturally are mandatory cosmetics for my dream ride.
Until then I enjoy games like the latest version in the Need For Speed series and it’s powerful engines. mycar

In this game I now own a white Dodge Challenger SRT-8 and a black-red Chevrolet Camaro Z28 in the style of Batman Beyond. Only the Ford Mustang Boss 302 is missing. For this car I’ve to collect some more money. That’s where daily challenges come in handy. They are resetted every day at 6am (PDT) and are presented by Morohoshi-San most of the time. moro

In Japan he is a tuning car legend, on the game cover he is the small silhouette on the left.

Morohoshi-San is on my radar for some time now, since Martin, a friend of mine who shoots car videos worldwide and uploads them to YouTube, met him by a fluke on his last vacation in Japan!

In this video: you can see the orange pimped Lamborghini Murcielago, one of many cars in Morohoshi’s remarkable and enviable collection.

Tokyo’s latest hype are cars with LEDs. Whether under the car, inside the rides or on the outer trim, Japanese are very creative with the lights. Like these beautiful Asian Drivers with their four Lamborghini: Inside tunnels illumination is shown to advantage! How cool is that?! Have a look:

Martin’s channel (rtcmanga) features a lot of cool rides and videos are uploaded on a regular basis. The channel is a wonderful go-to place for car lovers. Thanks to his clips you can see for example a time lapse of Tokyo’s race track which is known for illegal street racing.

Martin’s spontaneous car meeting with many other car enthusiasts owes Martin to his american counterpart Steve from They don’t only share enthusiasm for fast cars and the involved video shootings, but they both speak Japanese. Therefore a lot of Steve’s videos are in Japanese. Thanks to English Subtitles and fashionable cars his clips are just as well for an international audience. Steve is my go-to guy for my future car since he sells LED Light Kits and Hologram Vinyl Wrapping which you can see in this video part very well Well, are you hooked up and want a stylish ride yet? I am and cannot sit still that’s why I’ll start the next daily challenge in Need For Speed on my Playstation 4. When you complete the story mode you even can get Morohoshi’s LED Lamborghini! Before then I’ve to win some more races.

Before I play I’d like to mention that I’m watching a lot of movies wherein cars play a big part. I know the Fast and Furious series by heart and I’ve seen last year’s Need For Speed movie. Older car motion pictures are the ones I catch up on lately. A few days ago I watched Duel from 1971. It’s an exciting thriller with an easy but brilliant story. A man has to drive a long distance in the USA, which means long and lonely roads. He’s bullied by a truck which degenerates soon enough. The flick was directed by Steven Spielberg, those days nobody knew him yet. It was his first feature film and in my opinion he did a great job that certainly pushed his career.


Besides the beautiful landscape, a red 1971 Plymouth Valiant has a supporting role. dodge_

The same year another car chasing movie hit the streets: Vanishing Point. A car delivery driver in a white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T races from A to B and has to get rid of the highway patrol more than once.

Bullit was released some time earlier, in 1968, and it’s next on my to-watch list.

These moving pictures raised standards for upcoming car pictures and car chases.

If you are looking for a specific car model from a film you should have a look at the Internet Movie Car Database. There you can find any car from every movie and also films in which any particular car appears. Very useful for car enthusiasts.

That’s it for Chrissi’s Midweek Madness before I’m heading into a winter holiday break. If you like this column please share it with your friends and support me and my projects with a small amount via PayPal  or via crowdfunding on Thank you.





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